A+ Stocks Indicator for World Markets

When the A+ Indicator goes below 55, it is time to sell. When the indicator passes up through 65, it is time to buy.
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  stock market indicator chart for US
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We were out of the market for 2001 to 2003 tech bubble burst. We returned for the 2003 to 2008 bull run and sold in early 2008.

While many trading systems for individual stocks are very successful, it is much harder to time the whole market consistently. Why? The market does not provide enough data to study. It also takes many years to prove that someone can catch the market cycles.

In order to have more reference data, we back tested on markets of the past 40 years. With help of our friends overseas, we looked at the markets around the world.

We developed the indicator after the early 2000 tech bubble. The purpose of the indicator is to forecast long term severe downturns. In early 2008, it yielded a selling signal. We watched the market with some curiosity. The 2008 market meltdown convinced us one more time that our indicator is meaningful.

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