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2021 Year-to-Date Return


vs. S&P500 25.08% as of last Friday

2020 Return 55.25% vs. S&P500 16.26%

Our Promise

We cannot guarantee we beat the market return every year. However, we can at least do one thing for sure. We report each and every trade history accurately. While you need to make decision on investing your hard earned money, we provide the factual basis to help you make your decision.

Every buy or sell signal is sent in the night before the trading day
Each and every trade is recorded, gain or loss, at market open price
Dividend, except for high level special dividend, is not counted in calculating returns
No penny stocks; no thinly traded stocks

Hostorical Record

We started our stock research more than 20 years ago. Here are our records for the past years. Thanks to the early subscribers, especially to those who subscibed even before we changed our domain name! Your subscribtion and some feedback are our motivation to keep our results posted here.

We update models at the end of each year to catch the market trends (except for last a few years when we explored some other interests, but we are doing it again)
The model optimizes returns. As a result, volatility could be somewhat higher on daily basis.After 2012, We increased our holding from 30 stocks to 50 to reduce volatility

About Us

After earning MBA from top business schools such as Ross School of Business at University of Michigan and Booth School of Business at University of Chicago, we happened to work in automovtive industry in Michigan. While some of our classmates work in finance markets around the world, we have channeled our extra energy to stock research

Serve You

We are proud to provide some help to individual investors like you

In essence, we inproved momentum investing method by using analysts' sentiment to judge remaining potential
While over 90% fund managers underperform market, our readers witnessed our significantly higher returns than market over long term
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