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Signal issued around 11pm EST on 1/10/2021:

1 of 2: Datadog, Inc
           Symbol: DDOG

2 of 2: Genmab A/S
           Symbol: GMAB

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Signal issued around 11pm EST on 1/10/2021:

1 of 2: Twitter, Inc
           Symbol: TWTR

2 of 2: Casella Waste Systems, Inc
           Symbol: CWST

Current Holdings

We invest 1/50 of an account capital in each position. Each position's gain or loss is weighted at 1/50 toward the total return.
Our portfolio usually holds 50 positions. It could be fewer than 50. In that case, cash from the remaining positions earns interest by investing in money market.
We post here and email our trading signals around 11PM EST for the next day's buys and / or sells. Here are our open positions as of today.

# Symbol Buy Date Buy Price Current Date Current Price Gain/Loss % Weighted %
1 ADBE 2020Yr End500.121/8/2021485.1-3.00%-0.06%
2 PAYC 2020Yr End452.251/8/2021441.13-2.46%-0.05%
3 BABA 2020Yr End232.731/8/2021236.191.49%0.03%
4 ASML 2020Yr End487.721/8/2021508.744.31%0.09%
5 V 2020Yr End218.731/8/2021215.45-1.50%-0.03%
6 CTAS 2020Yr End353.461/8/2021350.15-0.94%-0.02%
7 EPAM 2020Yr End358.351/8/2021342.37-4.46%-0.09%
8 CPRT 2020Yr End127.251/8/2021122.18-3.98%-0.08%
9 MA 2020Yr End356.941/8/2021353.85-0.87%-0.02%
10 APPF 2020Yr End180.041/8/2021173.23-3.78%-0.08%
11 CRL 2020Yr End249.861/8/2021271.018.46%0.17%
12 TEAM 2020Yr End233.871/8/2021235.480.69%0.01%
13 INS 2020Yr End40.111/8/202141.232.79%0.06%
14 ADSK 2020Yr End305.341/8/2021319.854.75%0.10%
15 CWST 2020Yr End61.951/8/202158.98-4.79%-0.10%
16 ENPH 2020Yr End175.471/8/2021207.4118.20%0.36%
17 VCEL 2020Yr End30.881/8/202136.1717.13%0.34%
18 VMW 2020Yr End140.261/8/2021142.861.85%0.04%
19 DXCM 2020Yr End369.721/8/2021388.094.97%0.10%
20 AMZN 2020Yr End3,256.931/8/20213,182.70-2.28%-0.05%
21 HEI 2020Yr End132.41/8/2021138.54.61%0.09%
22 MTCH 2020Yr End151.191/8/2021151.790.40%0.01%
23 FTNT 2020Yr End148.531/8/2021148.14-0.26%-0.01%
24 PCTY 2020Yr End205.911/8/2021202.57-1.62%-0.03%
25 LOVE 2020Yr End43.091/8/202147.510.23%0.20%
26 LULU 2020Yr End348.031/8/2021365.465.01%0.10%
27 KL 2020Yr End41.271/8/202141.30.07%0.00%
28 KNSL 2020Yr End200.131/8/2021210.585.22%0.10%
29 VEEV 2020Yr End272.251/8/2021288.545.98%0.12%
30 EW 2020Yr End91.231/8/202190.67-0.61%-0.01%
31 TTD 2020Yr End8011/8/2021795.81-0.65%-0.01%
32 FOXF 2020Yr End105.711/8/2021119.0412.61%0.25%
33 TWTR 2020Yr End54.151/8/202151.48-4.93%-0.10%
34 AMED 2020Yr End293.331/8/2021307.074.68%0.09%
35 ENSG 2020Yr End72.921/8/202183.9315.10%0.30%
36 INTU 2020Yr End379.851/8/2021374.46-1.42%-0.03%
37 PYPL 2020Yr End234.21/8/2021242.463.53%0.07%
38QLYS2020Yr End121.871/8/2021122.180.25%0.01%
39MSFT2020Yr End222.421/8/2021219.62-1.26%-0.03%
40ZTO2020Yr End29.161/8/202128.76-1.37%-0.03%
41 NOW 2020Yr End550.431/8/2021529.64-3.78%-0.08%
42 MEDP 2020Yr End139.21/8/2021141.761.84%0.04%
43NFLX2020Yr End540.731/8/2021510.4-5.61%-0.11%
44KEYS2020Yr End132.091/8/2021146.811.14%0.22%
45TTWO2020Yr End207.791/8/2021210.431.27%0.03%
46FRPT2020Yr End141.991/8/2021147.844.12%0.08%
47AYX2020Yr End121.791/8/2021116.5-4.34%-0.09%
48GLOB2020Yr End217.611/8/20212305.69%0.11%
49RGEN2020Yr End191.631/8/2021208.368.73%0.17%
50PRAH2020Yr End125.441/8/2021129.883.54%0.07%
 Total         2.30%
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