We will send out emails around 10pm EST for buys and sells at next day's opening.

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The number of emails depends on market situations. In general, there will be less than 15 emails per month.


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      When we have signals of trade for the main portfolio in the next day trading session, we will send out email notices around 10PM EST before the trading day. While other newsletters may list their past best performers, we list every trade. Integrity is the basis of finance profession.

      To measure for yourself, please subscribe our email notices. Since our system is designed for long term returns, a few trading sessions only do not represent our strategy. Please keep our emails and compare to our records posted on this site.

      We will not share or sell your email address. We may occasionally send extra comments on our holdings and some Excel tools to our subscribers.

      Thank you for your interest. The more subscribers, the more effort we put into researching buy/sell signals.

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